DataSafe Backup Benefits

AMJ IT Backup Safe main benefits

  • Proactive monitoring

    Our services include ongoing monitoring with alerts set up to ensure good completion of the backup on a daily basis. In case of issue our team of experts will ensure your backup is working efficiently.

  • Immediate Recovery

    The fastest restore source (cloud or local) is automatically chosen to ensure your data is recovered as quickly as possible. Our team of expert will assist you in case of issue to restore any backup file you need.

  • No Capital expense

    Backup and recovery costs shift to a manageable on-going operating expense that only grows as your business does.

  • Up 60 day retention

    Our Online Data Backup services retain previous data backups for 30 to 60 days meaning you are able to restore either your most recent data backup or previous data backups of older versions. Higher retention rates can also be set up on demand.

  • Anywhere and anytime recovery

    With optional synchronization to local storage, you can rest assured that a backup is available at any location, with or without the Internet.

  • Incremental and Automated

    Ensuring regular and systematic backup without human intervention. With its incremental AND data compression features, it only backup modified files and compresses your data to increase the speed of the data backup process and consume less bandwith.

  • Fully Managed

    Our team of technical experts will support your business needs from initial set up, through to data backup recovery and technical support.

  • Privacy, Security and Compliancy

    Backups and recovery are transmitted over a secure channel and encrypted with a private key encryption so only you can see your data. 

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