Do you need to set up a comprehensive MS email platformindex providing the same benefits of MS Exchange without having to invest heavily in setting up and maintaining complex and expensive email systems in-house? Do you need an email solution that incorporates features found in clients such as Outlook, e.g. calendars, contacts and file-sharing? Do you want your users to have access to the latest applications and business information and communicate and collaborate efficiently from anywhere and whenever they need?

For business users who need a reliable and comprehensive email platform and efficient communication and collaboration we offer Office365 services which uniquely includes a tailored installation, configuration and technical support of the solution by our team of MS technical experts, to provide you a reliable, secure and efficient working environment.


Many businesses use email solutions with limited features or invest heavily in setting up and maintaining complex and expensive email systems in-house.

Office365 provides a simple and cost effective alternative email solution allowing you to share calendars and contacts, set up complex email configurations and access an administration platform as if you owned the infrastructure.

By choosing Office365, your organisation will access the latest applications for a low monthly subscription fee without having to buy, install and manage a server.

Your email and data are stored in the Cloud providing redundancy, security and high availability and allowing your users to access business information easily from wherever they are, even from their smart phones.

In addition, some Office365 packages offer full onsite MS Office packages to be installed on up to 5 devices and providing access to Office lasts versions at a fixed cost.

Office365 also provides comprehensive video conferencing, live chat and files sharing features allowing the users to collaborate and communicate efficiently through the web.


Cost effective – No capital investment is required – you just have to pay a monthly subscription for the services you use.

Highly available and secure – Your business users can access their information securely from anywhere with an internet connection thanks to Outlook Web Access.

Scalability and flexibility – The solution will be tailored to your specific requirements and fully integrated to your existing IT infrastructure.

For more information on the business benefits, check our Office365 benefits page. Alternatively get in touch with our team

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