Dedicated Cloud Server

Do you need to host your website or web application on a dedicated server ? Do you need to host files and business data or business applications on a server platform but do not want to invest in costly IT infrastructure ?

For businesses that need a server platform, we offer a Server Cloud service including a reliable and secure access to a server platform configured to your specific requirements, with no infrastructure investment and very low maintenance costs, to give you a reliable, secured and tailored working environment.


As part of our Cloud server services, you will be assigned your very own server platform with all the resources you need to drive your hosted services and applications.

Our servers can be used for a wide range of business critical services including websites, email, centralised file storage, databases and other pertinent office applications.

Our Cloud based server services includes reliable and fully secured access to your server platform 24/7, allowing your in-house team to manage and support your servers, if you require. Alternatively, our team of technical experts can manage the servers for you.


Our Cloud servers offer the following benefits :

Cost effective – Cloud servers do not require any in house deployment or expensive hardware investments. You will only pay a monthly fee for the services used.

Scalability and flexibility – You can select from a range of preconfigured server platforms and customise the configuration further according to your evolving requirements.

Security, Performance and Reliability – All our servers are hosted in secure data centre facilities and with resilient internet connectivity and high capacity networks.


Our Cloud servers can be entirely tailored to your requirements. Additional services such as Online Data backup, storage can also be provided to give you the tools you require to create a comprehensive, self managed hosting environment.

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